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Presidential Burn! Kim Kardashian Denied Obama Meet-up


There are some people in the world that are just more popular than others, and just like high school, those popular people have more influence over those that are lesser than they are– such as the hottest people in the world right now which are Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and President Obama. There are celebrities that make the news every day, and every word that these famous men and women say gets plenty of media coverage. Though even celebrities do have people who are more powerful than they are, and those men and women just happen to hold political offices …

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Want Second Baby?


The wedding of the millennium is a little over two weeks away between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While there are plenty of rumors everywhere about the couple, which also includes the fact they are not married yet, another rumor has popped up saying that the couple want to give their 10-month-old baby girl North a little brother or little sister. Kim Kardashian was on Twitter dispelling a lot of rumors, but this is actually a rumor that the whole world hopes is true because another baby in the world is always a blessing no matter what!

Big Wedding

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Harry Potter Stars Drift Apart

daniel radcliffe-emma-watson-pic

For 10 years, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe starred together in the Harry Potter movies. The movie series took many months to film, and the kids ended up spending a lot of time together. Once the Harry Potter series was over, a whole decade had passed, and the kids were not so little anymore but were now young adults. While the filming took a long time, and typically, the movies were filmed pretty much back to back, then it is no surprise at all that the group of kids, especially the three main kids, got to be the best of …

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Lee Marshall – Voice of Tony the Tiger Dead


Is there not anyone in the world who know who Tony the Tiger is? Even if no one has ever heard his infamous catch phrase, he still appears on boxes of Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal to this very day. Tony the Tiger had a very distinctive voice, and two separate men were able to give the tiger his voice. Here is a very old commercial for frosted flakes that features Tony and his very famous description of the sweet and tasty cereal. However, the world’s most famous talking tiger needs a new voice now because Lee Marshall has died at …

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Rob Thomas – IZombie Picked Up By CW


Zombies are the coolest thing these days, and there are movies and television shows that have scores of the walking dead in search of people who are still alive. Not only are zombies popular in the entertainment industry, but they also seem to be popping up on the news, and any day now, people are preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but it also has tons of walking zombies, Perhaps people are tired of the brainless, foot-dragging, moaning zombie and prefer something a little more… human.


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