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Marines use 3D printers to build gadgets that help them in combat

Using help from Navy Engineers, Second Lt. Ben Lacount has invented Lacounter, a device that was printed using additive manufacturing and allows shooters to quickly see how many rounds they have expended. Lacounter is a no-battery solution, being lightweight and inexpensive.

Captain Kyle McCarley has built a device that can easily blow up barbed wire, printing elastic straps that make it really easy to attach it to an assault pack. Discover several more amazing inventions in the article linked-to below.




The EU Parliament wants longer lasting gadgets

I don't know about you, but The Trend Guys are known for trying out (and often keeping for themselves) all sorts of gadgets. We are always interested in owning the latest iPhones, for example. It's true that sometimes we are forced to upgrade some of our devices because their batteries don't manage to retain as much energy as they did in the past, for example. Or maybe a gadget breaks as soon as its warranty expires, and it's impossible (or very costly) to repair it.

It looks like the European Union is interested in doing something about it. According to EUbusiness, the Parliament has asked its member states to step up their game, making sure that the customers can enjoy their products for a longer period of time. Parliament's rapporteur Pascal Durand has asked phone manufacturers to create devices that have removeable batteries, for example.

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Best RVing Gadgets

If you are into full-time RV-ing, you know that some gadgets are real lifesavers. Some of them can help you save money by minimizing energy consumption, for example, while others will simply make your life better. has created a tremendously useful list with the best gadgets which have been time-tested and voted by RVers. The list includes solar panels which can have powers of up to 1,000 watts, tire pressure and temperature monitors, GPSs that have huge screens, and thus are much easier to read, and more.

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home security

Home security gadgets you don't want to miss

Did you know that the number of reported burglaries exceeds two million in the US each year? Fortunately, these days the market is flooded with all sorts of devices that are supposed to keep us and our properties safe. And the "smart" component that has been added to them means that you can control locks, doors, surveillance systems and so on remotely, by using a regular smartphone.

Business Insider has created a list with the best home security gadgets. The August Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock your door using its companion app, for example. The Ring Video Doorbell triggers a smartphone alert anytime someone approaches your door, allowing you to see if everything is okay. The list includes more devices, but you can discover them all by reading BI's article.

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How to boost your gadgets' health

It's a given: many of our beloved gadgets stop working only one or two years after being purchased. The process is so widespread that it prompted Kim Komando to create several graphs which highlight the smartphones that have the highest failure rates.

Often, we are the ones to blame, though; few of us read their devices' user manuals, for example. Fortunately, the Bright Side article linked below presents the best tips that should prolong the life of your gadgets. Read the article and you will learn how to properly charge the batteries, how to use temperature control to your advantage, how to prevent voltage fluctuations from affecting your laptop, and more.

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Fun life-hacking gadgets

Cracked has recently come up with a list of gadgets that can help you pick an inexpensive, and yet great looking gift for your friend's birthday. The list includes a cool looking LED-based clock & fan, which plugs straight into your laptop's USB port, a three-in-one lens kit that can be used with pretty much any smartphone, the BK SPORT Bluetooth 4.0 tangle-free headphones, the Bluetooth Shower Speaker, the Nut Mini Tracker, which can be attached to any device, and then allows you to discover its location, and more.

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Best devices for lazy gardeners

Don't be offended; everyone knows that you aren't a lazy gardener. Quite the opposite! But let's be frank and admit that most of us have limited amounts of free time at their disposal. Fortunately, you don't have to do all the work by yourself; here are several devices that can be of help.

The Blossom Smart Watering Controller helps you set up different irrigation zones in your yard. Then, you will be able to create an automatic watering schedule which utilizes real-time weather data.

WORX Landroid is an intelligent lawn mower that can work at night without disturbing your sleep. I don't know about you, but I look forward to waking up and seeing a pristine lawn!

The Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor may have a long name, but it's got an even longer list of useful features. Install it, and then you will get real-time insights concerning your plants' ambient temperature, light intensity, soil moisture, level of fertilizer, and more.

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money savers

Best gadgets that help you save money on the long run

Smart shoppers don't just buy things when they are heavily discounted, but also invest their money into devices that pay for themselves over time. Here's a list with several gadgets that can help you save money.

HD antennas are inexpensive and can provide great results, especially if they are properly oriented. If you aren't used to jumping from one channel to the other, an antenna like these may help you save a lot of money by dumping the cable subscription service for good.

Rechargeable batteries are often inexpensive, and some of them can be recharged more than 2,000 times. It is true that they cost a bit more, but they'll help you save a lot of cash.

LED-based light bulbs last much longer and draw much less energy. It is true that you will need to invest more money in the beginning, but by doing this you will significantly cut your energy bill.

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